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In this web site you will find valuable information on how to keep your aquatic friends alive and happy without breaking your bank. We are going to bring you information and knowledge on aquarium keeping you will not find anywhere else, all you need is have an open mind. We want all of you to be successful with your aquarium from the very beginning, without all the headache, frustration, disappointment commonly associates with this hobby. You are going to find out how easy is to have an aquarium, have species others said is hard and impossible to keep, and have lots of fun doing it.


New 5 part videos on the Hiatt Filtration System filmed during a live lecture now available on YouTube.

Important Notice:

New Article Update: Hair Algae and How to Deal With It

If you are adding NEW TBPC to an existing tank/filter, you MUST soak the TBPC in a bucket of fresh water with a circulating pump for 48 hours prior to use. The output of the pump must be above water NOT under it. Adding new TBPC without soaking it first, the TBPC will absorb all available oxygen from the water and it will KILL YOUR FISH!

New Updated information on using pH Rock to buffer your pH.

Click on pH Rock for more information.

A New Video Of 60 Gallon Saltwater Tank With the Hiatt Filtration System Available Here.

A New Video of 10 Gallon Reef Tank we showcase in this years IMAC West show available Here.

If you are not sure what to do, please email or call us for instructions. W are not responsible for your dead fish if you don't follow our procedure.

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Discussion Board now open in Facebook, Sound off your thoughts there